Here’s an interesting video that I recently came across. It’s been roughly 2-years since it was produced. However, I think the concepts presented remain valid.

In this short 6-minute video HIS Capital Group Managing Member Rick Melero discusses 3 steps to connect with investors for your commercial real estate projects. 1) You let them sell you (add value to them first) 2) Show your System 3) Draft and enter into a JV agreement.

Here are some comments left by others who have watched this video:

  • This is an AMAZING strategy on how to build relationships with investors by adding VALUE first rather than simply pushing and promoting your services. This will distinguish from your competition.
  • This is so true, especially now when the markets are going crazy and real estate is a stable asset that is tangible and a great hedge against inflation. All the money we need is just sitting right under our noses!
  • I am in total agreement with what Rick is talking about “Relationships” that is the key for success! give them some value! Thanks Rick!
  • Of all the real estate “gurus” offering (selling) advice, no one SHOWS you how to succeed like Rick Melero. In just a few short minutes Rick gives you all the ins and outs of private placement programs and how you (personally) can connect and add value to others so that they will want to do business with you.
  • Put your money to work! I agree! Make your money serve you and not the other way around. HIS Real Estate Network has a very good track record in making your money work for you.
  • Finding investors equals selling securities. Must be very careful not to violate SEC regulations. Appreciate for sharing the idea of how you deal with. Thank you Rick Melero.


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