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They may not realize it, but starting today, some high-end Internet subscribers in Chattanooga, Tenn., will turn on their computers and start browsing the Web at a gigabit per second — 10 times the speeds they’re used to. By month’s end, some 39,000 area residents will see their mid-tier connections become twice as fast — from a current 50 megabits per second to 100.  (Article Source: September 17, 2013, Washington Post by Brian Fung.)

EPB officials on Tuesday delivered a spirited defense of the utility’s Smart Grid and fiber optics system at a City Council briefing, painting the digital legacy of EPB chief Harold DePriest as a world-leading system that has already delivered millions of dollars in benefits to the utility’s 170,000 customers. (Article Source: August 28, 2013, by Ellis Smith)

Chattanooga, Tennessee has been selected to host the eleventh race in the U.S. IRONMAN Series. The inaugural IRONMAN Chattanooga will take place on Sunday, September 28, 2014. (Article Source: August 15, 2013,

President Obama made a special appearance at Chattanooga’s 1 million-square-foot Amazon distribution center. His speech on boosting the nation’s economy made mention of the Chattanooga facility’s strategic plan to increase employee training and benefits in order to maximize productivity. (Article Source: July 31, 2013, Article by Mike Pare. Photo by Dan Henry.)

President Barack Obama speaks to Amazon employee Adrienne Thompson during a tour of the Pack Mezzanine at the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Chattanooga, TN

One of the most important things you’ll do when starting your business is to pick where to setup shop. You want to find a place that offers business resources but also the lifestyle and culture that you want. The below list breaks down 30 cities across the United States into three different categories… [Chattanooga was ranked number one in a list of the best cities for young entrepreneurs to locate their businesses with a population between 100,000 – 250,000 residents.] (Article Source: March 19, 2013,

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