Transforming Obsolete Properties into Market Leading Anchors

Our cities are in a continual state of physical and economic reinvention. This process has been accelerated in the last decade by the desire of creative companies to locate within the urban core. This presentation offers an in­depth look [...]


Real Estate Investing 101: What Every Investor Must Know

This video is a very informative 1-hour class with renown real estate experts Matthew Pillmore and Charles Roberts as they break down how investors of all experience levels can grow wealth by investing while beating the banks at their own [...]


Best Legal Entity for Real Estate Investing

I ran across this information-packed video and recommend it to all new real estate investors (and potential real estate investors). It clearly describes the "how" and "why" of structuring yourself for appropriate liability protection. It's excellent information from Phil [...]


Kiss of Death when Selling a House

Here's an outstanding video that I recently discovered. The title is "Kiss of Death when Selling a House." However, the overall concept applies to any type of real estate sales transaction -- including Commercial as well as Residential real estate. [...]


10 Creative Ways to Buy Real Estate

I was recently working with one of my clients to explore a variety of non-traditional methods to finance a property that he wanted to purchase. His need for alternative financing was driven by the fact his banker was not willing [...]


Apartment Investing for Beginners (Video)

I've gotten a number of positive responses to my recent post about including multifamily properties in your investment portfolio. Therefore, I'd like to provide some additional information on this subject. This 28-minute video is titled, "Apartment Investing for Beginners" and [...]


Don’t Rule Out Multifamily Investments

If you are thinking about investing in commercial real estate you might want to include multifamily properties in your investment portfolio. This article from "Realtor Mag," the official magazine of the National Association of Realtors, will hopefully provide you with [...]

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