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We Are Part Of The Nations's Largest Real Estate Company: Keller Williams Realty®.

This Provides Us With A Variety Of Capabilities and Resources That Smaller Real Estate Companies Lack.
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Joe Pleva and Associates is a select group of Chattanooga TN Real Estate professionals serving the commercial, industrial and residential real estate markets.

Our service area includes ALL of the greater Chattanooga TN real estate market, including Cleveland, Athens, and Jasper, Tennessee, PLUS North Georgia and Northeast Alabama.

Whether you want to BUY, SELL or LEASE our real estate professionals will work tirelessly with you and for you to achieve your unique business or personal real estate goals.

We work with individuals, families, small businesses and large corporations who are seeking professional real estate assistance anywhere within the greater Chattanooga TN real estate market.

We are a unit of Keller Williams Realty®, the nations #1 Realty Company. And, we pride ourselves in being Real Estate Consultants – not merely real estate sales people.

We believe that all of our Chattanooga TN Real Estate Agents are in the people business, and we use our extensive real estate experience and market knowledge to partner with each client to make the right deal…together!

All of this helps to place YOU into a position of superior negotiating strength!

Why buy or sell property through us?

Because, we do whatever it takes to get YOUR deal to the closing table!

We are “Your Realty Solutions Team” and Chattanooga TN real estate is our business — our only business.

Let’s get down to business…YOUR business…Today!

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PLEASE NOTE: For additional insight regarding the Chattanooga Tennessee real estate market you can check out this Blog Post written by Joe Pleva titled, “Chattanooga TN Real Estate: The Future Looks Bright for Residential and Commercial Real Estate Growth”


Our Chattanooga TN Real Estate Services

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Residential Real Estate Services

Commercial Real Estate Services

Industrial Real Estate Services

Specialty Real Estate Servicess

Our Services:

Brow / Mountain properties

Distressed assets

Homes / Condos (ALL TYPES)

Hospitality locations

Land and development

Large-scale commercial ventures

Manufacturing / Industrial

Medical facilities


Office space

Retail space

Riverfront properties

Specialty locations


Multi-Property Assemblage


Video Transcript

Click Here to Read a Transcript of the Video

Hi. I’m Joe Pleva. And you’ve arrived at this web page because you’re looking for information or opportunities in the commercial, industrial or residential real estate market in the Greater Chattanooga area.

It’s a good thing you found us.

Stick around for this short video and I think you’ll understand why.

Whatever your real estate needs are, we’re here to provide you with real estate solutions that will allow you to achieve your business or personal goals.

Let me explain.

If you’re like me:

You need, want and expect your real estate agent to be capable of helping you succeed in today’s challenging real estate market.

You need an experienced real estate professional who will provide you with accurate, timely and high-quality market-specific information.

You want a real estate agent who will help you find a real estate solution that is laser-focused on your specific needs and objectives.

You have the right to expect that your real estate agent is capable of guiding you through the complex maze of local zoning regulations, legal issues, and financial issues that are frequently encountered with the purchase, sale or leasing process.

And last but not least, you deserve a real estate professional who is ready, willing and able to aggressively pursue, and of course achieve, your real estate goals in the shortest amount of time and in the most effective manner possible.

We do all of this for all of our clients, and more.

Whether you want to buy, sell, lease or sub-lease, we can help you.

Whether your real estate needs are big or small, we can help you.

Whether your real estate needs are commercial, industrial or residential, including: retail, office, medical, hospitality, warehousing, manufacturing, specialty properties, large-scale commercial ventures, land development or re-development, distressed assets, multi-family, or any type of residential real estate, we can help you.

And, if your target geographical area falls anywhere within the greater Chattanooga area, North Georgia, Northern Alabama, or many other key points throughout the Tennessee River Valley, we can definitely help you!

We’re Joe Pleva and Associates and we’re here to help you succeed.

We’re supported by one the nation’s largest real estate organizations, Keller Williams Realty.

And as a result, we provide commercial, industrial and residential real estate capabilities and resources that smaller, local real estate companies lack.

And those resources are there for us to better serve you.

Think of us as Your Realty Solutions Team.

After all, we know the market, we’re seasoned professionals, we’re small enough to get things done fast, and we’re large enough to be a major force within the commercial, industrial and residential real estate markets.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, we’re able to leverage our strengths to your business and financial advantage.

We’re Joe Pleva and Associates.

The company has my name on it.

And my role, as well as the role of each and every member of my hand-picked real estate team, is to deliver excellence in everything we do.

We know what it takes to be competitive in the Greater Chattanooga, TN real estate market.

We know what it takes to be effective in the Greater Chattanooga, TN real estate market.

And, we know what it takes to deliver the results that you need, want and expect from a real estate professional in today’s dynamic real estate environment.

We are your Realty Solutions Team.

Let’s get down to business, your business, today!

Pick-up the phone and call me right now at 423-667-6204.

Joe Pleva and Associates

Your Chattanooga TN Real Estate Professionals

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